I remember during my days in the Navy a conversation with a young petty officer. He had received a stripe out of basic training in exchange for extending the terms of his enlistment two years. “Pushbuttons” such advancements were called. This young petty officer would often refer to what he deserved and this particular conversation was no different. Walking away I thought, “What DO we deserve?” Probably a question for another post.

Although in a different context, there are things your group members deserve. Group members will be much more apt to continue with the group over the long haul if they have a meaningful level of ownership and responsibility. In order for group members to sense ownership there are six things they deserve.

1. They deserve to see the vision.
2. They deserve to know the goals.
3. They deserve to help prepare the strategy necessary to accomplish the goals.
4. They deserve to be invited into the adventure.
5. They deserve to evaluate the progress.
6. They deserve to celebrate accomplishment.