So I get a post on my facebook page last night from a good friend of mine named Roy. It seems Roy was surfing facebook last night and saw Jennifer who served with HisLife Ministries at the same time he did. Not only that but Jennifer’s roommate during this time, Rachel, would later become Roy’s wife. Isn’t that what facebook is all about, bringing the world closer together and reconnecting friends? Well here’s the kicker, as Roy read up to see what was going on in Jennifer’s life, he noticed the picture of the guy she’s married to looked strangely familiar…just like a guy named Jon that Roy had been in BSF with for 3 years. Roy’s first thought was maybe Jon had a brother…but living in Nashville too, no way. As it turns out, Jennifer IS married to Jon, the same Jon that spent 3 years with Roy in a men’s Bible study. So here’s my question, how can these guys spend 3 years together and NEVER know that their wives were roommates?? How many Bible studies have I been in that I didn’t learn anything about another person’s life and they learned nothing about mine. My heart tells me it happens far too often, that our idea of “community” becomes nothing more than a contemporary “Cheers” – a place where everybody knows your name…but not much else.

A few years ago, the guys at Serendipity launched out on a journey where we refused to settle for anything less than redemptive community. That’s a BIG difference from just the kind of community where you know someone’s name. Redemptive community is where you do life together…really. Where you integrate all aspects of yourself – your professional life, your spiritual life, your emotional life, etc. You don’t walk into the office and leave your emotions at the door. It’s expected that you bring the full weight of who you are every day and get called out if you’re posing. By the way, a group known as the Samson Society created by Nate Larkin was also crucial in helping me understand what authenticity really meant.

So this is really at the heart of what The Gypsy Road is meant to be in my eyes, to unveil the need for redemptive community and invite a fellowship to join us as we journey to more fully understand and more boldly embrace this core desire.

I hope you’ll come back often as the dialog will be rich and your story and your experiences will make it all the richer.