Click HERE for a current schedule of Serendipity Seminars in your area.

We love it that you’ve seen the power of small groups, yet you know it could be more. Or perhaps you’re just now launching out on this God- birthed journey and could sure use a road map drawn by someone who’s been this way before.

For more than forty years, Serendipity has been on the leading edge of small group expertise, excitement, and expression. And nothing would thrill us more than coming to your church and community to help you get on, stay on, or get back on the right track with your small group ministry.

Choose from any of these practical sessions, each crafted to fit a comfortable 3-hour time slot:

  • Basic Principles and Practices of Small Groups
  • How to Obtain, Retain, Organize, Unify, and Direct a Small Group to Greatness
  • How to Start a Small-Group Ministry
  • The Model Group: How to Start and Nurture a First Generation Group
  • Meeting: How to Host a Transforming Small-Group Meeting
  • How to Be a Great Small Group Leader

You’ll walk away with resources and recommendations that will set the course for small-group success, led by ministry leaders who’ve learned on the job and love sharing what God has done . . . and can do.

For more information on Serendipity’s Small-Group Seminars, contact Rick Howerton ( or by phone at 615-251-5862).

What previous Seminar attendees are saying…

“You inspired me! I caught a new vision, and I’ve been a group leader for 5 years!”
“I learned how to handle small-group leadership efectively.”
“Rick was knowledgeable and provided real-life situations that motivated me to branch out, start a group to reach people, and to continue to grow personally.”

About Rick Howerton:

Rick is one of the premier leaders in the small-group movement. Having facilitated an untold number of small-group journeys over the last 17 years, his passion is contagious. This guy honestly believes that small groups can and will change the world! An experienced small-group pastor (he built one church’s small-group ministry from nothing to 450 members in just a few short years), Rick is also a church planter. Right now he serves as senior pastor of The Bridge, a church plant he started that is built around healthy small groups.

Additionally, Rick is a highly sought after small-group speaker leading thousands of people in scores of conferences nationwide every year including breakout sessions at the recent Saddleback Small Groups Conference.

Rick has authored or co-authored three small-group studies:

  • Small-Group Kick-Off Retreat: Experiential Training for Group Leaders
  • Great Beginnings: Your First Small-Group Study
  • Redeeming the Tears: A Journey Through Grief and Loss

Rick is also author of Destination Community: Small-Group Ministry Manual, an all-encompassing, 172-page
guide to creating a small-group ministry and starting and leading passionate, life-changing small groups. The book has been enthusiastically received:

Rick spreads a fresh canvas for envisioning small-group ministry. It reaches beyond the how-tos and into the
heart and soul of living in community. Destination Community will challenge and equip you to do life together
and not just play church. A great tool for leaders who are serious about experiencing redemptive, culturetransforming

Steve Gladen, Saddleback Church

This not only describes the book, it describes Rick Howerton’s soul!

Bring this visionary to your next small-group event. For more information, or to book Rick to speak at your event, contact him: or call 615.251.5862.

Click HERE for a current schedule of Serendipity Seminars in your area.

2 Responses to “Serendipity Seminars”

  1. Linda and Paul Furmanek Says:

    Are there still Serendipity Seminars available in 2013? Where do I get materials? We went to a seminar in the early 80’s and would like to “brush up”.

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