When it comes to defining “gypsy” the dictionary is really no help. It refers to a member of a traditionally itinerant people–people on the move. As disciples of Christ we are certainly on the move. The Gypsy Road speaks to a group of people on the journey–on the road to a given destination, yet sojourners on a quest for God’s redemption that finds us at varying places along the way as well

So what do gypsies and small groups have in common?:
• Gypsies have a deeply intimate fellowship
• They live their lives authentically, no pretense with these guys
• They are seen as outsiders or barbarians and somewhat dangerous by the “establishment”
• They allow other travelers to join them for an undetermined stretch of road and part company yet remain connected
• They are comfortable with mystery
• They are less concerned with where they are going and more concerned with living life wherever they are

Sounds a lot like small groups, doesn’t it?  You are invited to join us as we travel together down the Gypsy Road!

2 Responses to “About The Gypsy Road”

  1. Jean P Says:

    Is this still active?

    1. Phil Davis Says:

      This blog has migrated to biblestudyinsider.com.

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