Do you ever feel like you don’t matter?

Perhaps it’s because you’re pouring yourself into things that don’t matter.

“They pursued worthless idols and became worthless themselves” (2 Kings 17:14-15).

The things you devote your life to in your search for significance can be the very things that make you feel empty. Hear this: your value is equal to the value of the things you pursue. Only after you devote your heart to God—the worthiest of pursuits—do you get a genuine sense of your own worth as His chosen child.

Look again at that verse. “Worthless idols.” An idol is anything you give more weight or significance to than God.

What does that look like for you? Money? Status? Body image? Your kids? How about unforgiveness? Religious ritual? Perfectionism?

Replace your idols with worthy pursuits. Pursue God and His ways with all you have. Through these things He will establish your value in such a way that you’ll actually believe it. No more emptiness. No more aimlessness. No more searching.