I just came across a recent post at Bill Donahue’s blog titled Community as God’s Central Program. In this post Bill hits on some very strong tenets of community and the value of community not only to our culture, but for our theology as well. Opposing a “concordance approach” to understanding God, Bill uses Stan Grenz as a jumping off point for merging the core ideas of community and kingdom of God. He concludes:

Restoring the relational core to our theological understanding of the Kingdom will create an environment for guiding one another into truly redemptive relationships with God and others. And it will dramatically influence the way we “do church” for decades to come. That’s my hope.

It seems that the practice of inter-dependence has been lost within a culture of self-reliance. From the earliest ages we’re challenged to be anything but dependent—which when applied correctly is very healthy, but taken to extremes can lead to isolation. The notion of “truly redemptive relationships” referenced above must become part of our small-group DNA. Give this post a read and consider the implications. You can read the the whole post by clicking here. Follow Bill Donahue on Twitter at @bdonahue80.