A couple of months ago we said good-bye to Syeira (aka Jessie Weaver), a member of our family at The Gypsy Road. She and her precious baby girl, Libbie, moved to another city to join her husband who had already started a new job there. Their sweet family had been apart for too many months. We send Jessie off with blessings and much prayer as she enters a new chapter of her life.

Although Jessie is no longer with our staff, she left an incredible legacy. She had a passion for small group ministry and did much to sharpen the work of our team in providing resources to help people experience true, redemptive community through small groups. We’ll miss her, but her passion remains with us. I can only hope to leave a legacy half as powerful. I pray we make her proud. Thanks Jessie!

Because Jessie is impossible to replace, there will be two of us making appearances on The Gypsy Road to provide the female perspective. Girl power! (You’ll hear from my cohort in a couple of weeks.) Today begins my opportunity to share life with you—the ones who believe in authentic community and crave it as much as I do. I pray we will be able to sharpen each other, strengthen each other, and support each other.

Until next time,