Erwin McManus says that “every one of us have these intrinsic cravings—intimacy, destiny, and meaning—because they are soul cravings. These cravings are the fingerprints of God on our soul.” In the same context, I like to cite M Night Shyamalan’s Unbreakable: “That little bit of sadness in the mornings you spoke of? I think I know what that is. Perhaps you’re not doing what you’re supposed to be doing.” Either way, the point is that there’s a very good chance that those in your small group are not living out of the new heart that God has given them; that they are not drawing from their truest identity.

Whether it’s the lies of our culture or from something deep in their own stories or destructive relationships or the many other sinister messages around us, we wake up with that “little bit of sadness” each day. The new small-group resource from Erwin McManus CRAVE, available for purchase today, has been created to help groups and group members confront the things that prevent us from being all that God has created us to be. CRAVE: An Exploration of the Human Spirit asks groups to tap deep into who they have become not only better to understand the deep longings of their souls, but to demolish the little bit of sadness that continues to haunt so many of us.