Hello All.

It’s me, Rick Howerton, a.k.a. The Navigator. I wanted you to know that I will be launching a personal blog site tomorrow.  I want to know your world in greater ways and for you to join me in mine. Let’s have an ongoing conversation.

As many of you know, there is a dream in me to see “a biblical small group within walking distance of every person on the planet.” The new website, “Small Group World” will be directed to that end.

THE FIRST FEW DAYS ON THE BLOG WILL BE AMAZING! I am hosting Lyman Coleman, Steve Gladen, Eddie Mosley, Bill Search,  Carl George, Greg Bowman, Reid Smith, and Randall Neighbour for two days of discussions on the state of small groups and what the future might look like. There will be multiple updates throughout Tuesday and Wednesday. As we complete a conversation concerning a given topic a blog will be posted giving you the skinny on the discussion.

To subscribe to Small Group World or just to check in once in a while go to http://blogs.lifeway.com/blog/small-group-training/. I’m psyched about the conversations we will have.