I have been spending some serious time considering why small groups are more important in this decade than in the prior decade. After this evaluation I am certain that we need to point people to small groups more than ever. Below you’ll find ten reasons why small groups are the primary avenue through which we can guide people to the Jesus we know.

You’ll notice that I use the word “we” when communicating these ten ideas. I do this because we now exist in and have been influenced by the culture in which we live. “We” is not necessarily “You” so please don’t be angry if one of these points is not representative of your ideology or journey. It is my goal for all of us to simply realize why small groups are the primary way for a cynical people/generation to find Christ in the post post-modern era.

  1. We have relational gaps we want and need to fill.
  2. We are open to a few deep relationships but, unlike those who have gone before us, do not care about a massive number of acquaintances.
  3. We more open to dialogue than we are a monologue
  4. We don’t blindly trust the person who does the monologue but we are open to being involved in a healthy dialogue.
  5. The institutional church is suspect but Jesus is an acceptable hero.
  6. Not yet followers of Christ won’t come to Bible Studies but they will get involved in Spiritual Conversations.
  7. We are not so sure the Bible is truth but biblical truth can become known and embraced when people are in relationships with others who are experiencing and testifying that God’s promises are coming to fruition.
  8. Story is more significant than proposition. How our stories connect with God’s story is palatable and transforming. But simply espousing lists of do’s and don’ts found in the Scripture erases God’s love and replaces it with perceived institutional legalism. Small group is the safest environment for revealing our own stories and checking one another when a group member points out God’s rules and the breaking of those guidelines but overlooks God’s grace.
  9. We will tell you what we’re thinking concerning a given topic or issue without being intimidated by group think making it possible for a small group to know of and respond to another group members fears, doubts, and struggles.
  10. We are willing to journey with fellow journiers but are not on board for a dogmatic leader telling us what we should believe. We realize believing is a matter of the heart, not an embracing of ideas that we have not yet wrestled with.