Breaking the Ice:

If an angel told you (or your parents) that you were going to have a child this year, how would you react?

Journeying into His Story:

  1. What do you learn about Jesus Christ from the angel’s announcement (vv. 30 – 33)?
  2. How does Gabriel’s word to Mary compare with his word to Zechariah (1:13 – 17)?
  3. How do you suppose Mary felt about the angel’s message foretelling her supernatural pregnancy? What do you think was the hardest thing for Mary to comprehend?

Seeing Your Story in His Story:

  1. When were you recently fearful but believing? How did God meet you?
  2. In what area of your life do you need to believe that nothing is impossible with God? What keeps you from believing this?

This Bible study is from the Serendipity Bible for Groups. In case you haven’t heard of the Serendipity Bible for Groups you’ll want to know that The Serendipity Bible for groups has a Bible study like the one above for every passage of Scripture in the Bible.