Three weekends ago, we had a small first birthday party for my daughter in Chattanooga, our sort-of-home. My daughter and I live in Nashville still as I continue to work at LifeWay and wait on the sale of our house, while my husband lives in a rental house in Chattanooga and works full-time as a teacher theredryleaf. Most weekends he returns to Nashville, but every few weeks Libbie and I try to spare him the drive and head down his way. Her birthday was a lovely, pumpkin-themed Fall event.

We visited this weekend again, the temperate Tennessee climate allowing for cool mornings and glorious afternoons. It is still in the 70s around here during the afternoons–a rare occurrence for mid-November, even in the South, but enjoyed by all those who fear snow as I do.

As I drove home in the late afternoon on Sunday, I noticed the trees for the first time. Those limbs that had just three weeks ago held vivid oranges and reds were now turning brown. The glorious time of Fall was over; the trees hummed of a long Winter to come.

Just three weeks. It seems like such a short time. In that time, though, my baby has turned into a confident walker. She can navigate the stairs of our townhome. She trails behind me, uttering a near-constant stream of “nonononono!”

It all goes too fast. My baby is a toddler. I can still barely put together the words that I am old enough to be someone’s mother, and already we’re thinking of when to start trying to have a sibling for Libbie. Time flies, whether you’re having fun or not.

Never have these words from Ecclesiastes seemed to scream at me more loudly: “He has also set eternity in the hearts of men.” I firmly believe we feel time slipping through our fingers so quickly because we are meant for eternity. Our souls are eternal and yet our minds struggle against that: “Wait! Why is everything going so fast? I’ll be dead before I know it!” But friend, if you know Christ, there is so much more for your timeline past death. While it cannot be fathomed, it is there.

My mind, clinging to what is known, battles against the rapid watch hands of Time. But my soul, deep within me, breathes a sigh of relief as it considers life beyond this world. Does yours?