I’m on US Airways flight 1869 from Charlotte to Nashville. It’s nearly 11:00 p.m. and all is well… kinda. Seated directly behind me is a family of three… mom, dad, and mega-mouth boy. I believe the boy is about four years of age. This kid has a future… as an air raid siren. The shrillness of his voice and the decibel level with which he performs parallels that of a hyena just before a kill. The disturbing fact… Mom and dad don’t choose to do anything about it. They’ve counted to ten about a million times. They count but they never follow up with any kind of deterrent. Every person on this plane is affected by wonder boy. Only mom and dad have the authority to fix the problem.  No matter how many people’s lives are disrupted by the spoiled brat (can you tell I’m miffed?) mom and dad do nothing.

Small Group Leader, you may have someone in your group that is disruptive. They affect the lives of everyone in the group. They may be the overly-talkative person, the overly-aggressive person, the every night we meet angry at the world person, etc… Guess what? You’re the only one in the group with the authority to take the necessary steps to deal with these individuals.

If you don’t… they will continue to keep everyone else from experiencing the ride of their lives.

Not only that… they may keep everyone else from sleeping. Somebody please give that kid an Ambien so the rest of us can nap!!!