I’ve come across some wonderful posts on faith and putting into action in our lives lately. If you have a minute, why don’t you check out one or two?

Love Where You Are by The Nester at (in)courage–extremely poignant to me given my housing situation. If you’re just scraping by or trying to make the best of your living space, this is a great reminder. And Nesting Place is a beautiful blog full of inspiration for decorating a home simply, classicly, and inexpensively!

These Kids Are Driving Me Crazy by Laura, the Heavenly Homemaker–Laura always puts the perfect slant on bad situations. The author realizes perhaps there is something deeper to her newfound impatience with her four young sons.

Needing Some Closure by Sophie (BooMama)–hilarious competition on the Most Holy Way to Close Communication with a Friend.

This is Where the Similarities Between Me and God End by The Diaper Diaries–what if we saw God looking at us as how we look at our children?

I’m tempted to try to go find something off some very intellectual, heady, small-group leader’s blog but I confess … that’s not what I read. Most of my favorite blogs are from everyday women like myself. Read Rick‘s posts if you want something deeper. 🙂

Have you read anything good lately around the blogosphere? I’d love to read it, even if it has big words.