Whoever titled the book Sticky Church deserves a bonus. Make it big too. If there’s one question church leaders are asking it’s, “How can I get guests to stick?” 

And if I were a wealthy person (which I’m not so don’t call) I’d give Larry Osborne a million bucks myself. Why? Because Sticky Church points out that small groups are what guests stick to. The insinuation… Slam a guest up against a healthy small group and they just might stick. Thanks, Larry. I’m glad another influential senior pastor has given small groups the value they deserve. 

While I don’t agree with everything that is espoused in Sticky Church I can state that I am psyched about the info found in the chapter I was asked to blog about,  “Still More Ways that Small Groups Change Everything.” 

 A few amazing facts Larry points out in this chapter:

  • Small groups foster deeper honesty and transparency than any mainstream ministry utilized in the average local church.
  • About transparency in small groups and how it affects the entire church… “…the honesty that naturally takes place in small groups begins to leak out into the entire church.”
  • Spiritual disciplines are exercised more often when people gather in small groups because, “a small group takes our good intentions and puts them on the calendar.”
  • One of the best gifts a church can give her kids is parents who are growing and that growth takes place when parents are in a healthy small group.

 Okay, Larry… I can’t pay you for your comments but I can sure thank you for them. So… thanks. Thanks for reminding the world small groups are the glue that holds a church together.

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