I love the crazy ministry God is allowing me to do. I love my wife and dog too, I’m just don’t see them much. August is going to be especially exciting as I’ll be at Collegiate Week at Ridgecrest, North Carolina then on to Layton, Utah for EQUIP 2009 followed by a stop in Columbus, Ohio for the Connect3 conference, then will jump a plane to Texas for the 2009 Church Leadership Conference and then a few days later I’ll be headed to Chattanooga, Tennessee to speak at Silverdale Baptist church and will hang out with the staff the next morning and then without even thinking about it (If I thought about it I’d probably wanna take a train back home just to see what the place looks like) I’m off to Gainesville, Georgia to lead small group sessions and just two days after that I’m on to Memphis, Tennessee and then two days after that will lead sessions at the Kentucky Baptist Convention’s Super Saturday in Elizabethtown, Kentucky and on the 30th I’ll land in Bowling Green, Kentucky where I’ll preach on Sunday morning at Christ Fellowship Church then stick around to do a small group training session for the small group leaders in Bowling Green.

I know what you’re thinking… That’s one long run on sentence. Well, my life sometimes seems to be just one exciting run-on sentence and I love it!

I’d be honored to lead training or speak about small groups for you or your church. Just call me at 615-251-5862 if you’re interested. We’ve gotta see the world transformed through groups that make Jesus the centerpiece of their experience and that allow the Holy Spirit to be their teacher.