newenglandchurchMy husband and I are in the midst of an impending move to a new city. While the move is not imminent for me (I am staying in Nashville until we sell our house or I go insane), my Mr. and I have been tossing around qualities we’d like our new church to have for months.

We were lucky to avoid the church hop when we moved to Nashville nearly five years ago. We visited two churches. The first one was just not a good fit. The second one we never left. It is a wonderful church, where we feel that God is moving and the staff is truly seeking His heart. We have Sunday School, but we don’t have what we would classify here as small groups. [I know. And I’m writing for this blog!]

We love our Sunday School class. But working for Serendipity these past six months, I’ve unearthed a deep desire to be a part of small-group life. So I put that on our list of qualifications: a church with small groups.

I think for moving to a city where we know no one, having a small group to build into would help tremendously. With a tiny daughter and no family nearby, I need help and friends. I’m going to be a stay-at-home mom once we move, and I am not the kind of person who can stay in the house all day every day. I will need community.

What are your tips for finding a small-group church? While we both enjoy traditional-style worship, we’re aware it’s less likely we’ll be able to find a church with that and small groups. We’re open to a more contemporary worship style. We’d like to find a somewhat large church with a great children’s program. What’s the best method of going about this? And hey, if you know of any Chattanooga churches that fit this, e-mail me and let me know!

Also, what have your church hop experiences been like? I’d love to hear.