On Friday night, I washed the floors of my (huge) kitchen on my hands and knees.

I can guarantee that I have never done that before in my entire life. Maybe I could get into this stress relief through cleaning that so many claim.

Why? Maybe by brute strength, sheer will, I could convince someone to come see our house?

Potential selling points to add to the descriptions:
–I use natural cleaners! Well, mostly.
–We have all CFL lightbulbs!
–I’ll cook you dinner if you come see it!
–You can keep our Adirondack rocker, our coffee table…and anything else you want

It’s extremely disheartening to have had no showings in a whole month. I had such a peace during my husband’s job-search process. Now that we know where we’re going, I want to GO. I don’t want to wait on God.

But I don’t think I have much of a choice.

I’m trusting, trusting that His plan is the best. Better than anything I could dream up in my mere little head.

In the meanwhile, I’ll distract myself by reading His Word … and cleaning. A lot.

Originally published at Vanderbilt Wife.