abouthebookRead this interesting bit in Andy Crouch‘s Culture Making: Recovering Our Creative Calling. In the paragraph below, Andy surmises that God gives us room—freedom— so that we may be able to fulfill the roles we have been created to fill:

[God] makes space for the man to name the animals; he makes room for the man and the woman to know one another and explore the garden. He even gives them the freedom, tragically but necessarily, to misuse their creative and cultivating capacities. God is always willing to be present, walking in the garden in the cool of the day, but he is also willing to grant humankind their own cultural presence. Without this gracious carving out of space, they would never be able to fulfill their destiny as divine image-bearers.

God certainly gives us room. Room to fail and room to grow.  Is the “carving out of space” that Andy describes perhaps most available to us through small groups as we “carve” mission, purpose, and spiritual growth out of our days and our lives?  A redemptive community of believers would seem to embody all the requisites for taking the greatest advantage of the room God has given us for exploration along these lines. The small-group environment you foster and facilitate is the perfect culture for the sort of freedom described here.