If the masses are going to be part of your small group ministry the Senior Pastor is vital. There are some critical things the Senior Pastor can do for the ministry that no one else can. A few of those are:




  • Cast vision for the small group ministry (at least every thirty days) from the pulpit.
  • At every opportunity remind decision-making church leaders (elders, deacons, finance team, trustees, etc…) how important this ministry is to the church.
  • Tell stories of lives changed through the small group via video, testimonies, or as sermon illustrations.
  • Encourage church members to join a small group.
  • Come to small group events and training opportunities, stay for a few minutes, and thank the leaders for all they are doing and tell how much it means to the accomplishment of the church’s mission.
  • Be a sounding board and friend to the person spearheading the small group ministry.
  • Make small groups one of the expectations of church membership.
  • If necessary, let the church know of the need for small group leaders and apprentices and who to talk to to become a leader or apprentice.
  • Go to bat during the budgeting process asking for money for the training of leaders, the nurture of leaders, and the resources leaders need.
  • Be in a group (or lead one) and talk about it.