Do you think God still speaks? Really?

And how?

Even though over the last three years I have worked on at least three Bible studies about God speaking, none of them hit me like this book did. Sure, I thought God spoke to people. In some way.

Even though I know someone who has heard an audible voice telling her that her husband would be OK when he was going through a tough sickness, I still wasn’t sure that pertained to me. I believe her–definitely. But I wouldn’t expect it to happen to me.

And why not?

This books rocks!

In Nine Ways God Always Speaks, Mark Herringshaw and Jennifer Schuchmann relay stories. Stories of God speaking to normal, present-day Christians like you and me. These are interspersed with historical and biblical examples in a very readable manner. The authors throw in their own opinions, doubts, and feelings–as well as incidences that occurred when they were writing the book. It’s a conversation with a friend as they tell you about the amazing thing that happened to someone they know.

I knew I would like the book as soon as I started it. What I didn’t know is how it would challenge me. I think that we’ve really tried to take the supernatural out of God in our culture. It’s not easy to rationalize, so we just dismiss it. I think the biggest struggle I’ve had with my faith is trying to put God in a box that my pea-sized brain can comprehend.

And He is much bigger than that box, y’all.

I came away with the overwhelming desire to expect God to work in my life–to hear Him. Maybe through the Bible. Maybe through coincidences or nature. But also maybe through dreams, visions, voices, or an urge to do something I can’t do on my own. I don’t want to take the mystery out of God. I want to expect Him to work in big ways that I can’t understand.

What is the strangest way God has spoken to you? Most unbelievable? Most frequent? I’d love to know.

Originally published at Vanderbilt Wife. If you’re interested, I’m giving away a copy of this book on my personal blog this week! Giveaway ends Friday 6/5.