Hi, I’m “Syeira.” I am the production editor for Serendipity House and I am so pleased to be joining this band of gypsies and giving them a little feminine perspective.

Right now we’re working on a new series of studies for small groups called Small Group Life. We’re so excited about this material and, of course, want everything to be just right for our first episode, premiering this winter. Often in our studies, we use movie clips to try to illustrate a point. Recently, Nomad and I were going back and forth trying to find a good clip for the topic of redemption.

How easy should that be, right? Serendipity even did a whole study on Finding Redemption in the Movies not too very long ago. We could have used one of the movies from that study. Or… The Shawshank Redemption? Too easy. The Lion King? We use it too much. Gladiator? Again?? Those movies are great, but we needed something new. We had to toss our original clip because of language and length.

Finally I remembered a movie I loved from my teenage years: Heart and Souls. In this movie, four people are killed on a bus at the same time that Rober Downey Jr.’s character is born. They act as his guardian angels during childhood, until therapy pushes them out of his mind. But when they discover they have limited time to fix things that happened during their lives, they pop back into his life and go into high gear. Each one needs to redeem something from their time on earth in order to go on to heaven in peace.

My favorite scene is where one of the characters fulfills his dream of singing in front of an audience. They sneak through to the stage, jump on, and then the ghost starts to chicken out. “I’m not even alive and I’m sweating!” he says. In the end, he goes through with it, singing The Star-Spangled Banner in a beautiful voice, getting great applause from the audience–and BB King, whose stage he stole. When it’s time for the ghost to move on to the next life, he is satisfied and happy. Redeemed from fear of failure.

One of my favorite memories is singing a worship song in the Greek theatre at the college I attended. Very late at night, with an audience of just one friend. It’s exhilerating to sing on a stage. After years of clamming up at auditions and never getting a role even in the school play, I felt free. Successful. Just to be on stage was enough. Redeemed.

It is so good, isn’t it, that Christ has come to set us free? To redeem us from those nagging things in our past that bind us. Even Hollywood cannot escape this eternal theme; in fact, it’s one of the best ones to permeate films.

Thanks for letting me be a part of this blog community. Can’t wait to learn more about you and what’s going on in your small group and life!