Just read an interesting post (click to read) by Sam Rainer about the results from a Pew Research Center that described a very interesting typology that groups states as “sticky” (those that retain a majority of residents born there), “magnetic” (those that attract a large number of people not born in the state), both, or neither. Of course there are also those states that are both sticky AND magnetic, meaning they are able to retain residents and attract people born out of state. These states would seem to be experiencing exponential growth.


It’s interesting to extrapolate this concept and examine how “sticky” and/or “magnetic” your church or small group might be. What are some of the factors that would make a church sticky and how do those factors differ from magnetic churches, if at all. How can a church be both sticky AND magnetic? Is it even possible for a small group to be both?

So I’ll ask you this question, whether you are a church leader or involved in a small group, take the poll below that asks — “Do you consider your church/group sticky, magnetic, both, or neither?”

Leave a comment below to answer the following related questions and let’s continue this conversation together:

  • Are you intentional about this or is it a function of your church/group’s internal dynamics?
  • What do you think makes churches/groups fall into one of these typographies?
  • What are the advantages of being sticky and/or magnetic
  • Do either of these facilitate in making disciples?

Love to hear your thoughts on this issue!