A week ago my friend introduced me to this video created by Vintage 21 in Raleigh, NC. Take a look. You’ll laugh so hard you’ll almost cry. I did!

Though Jesus’ statements in this clip are ridiculously absurd, they do, in fact, reveal some fallacies that the American church has been deceived into believing. Things like…

• To be spiritual we must spend a lot of time going to church

• Thou must be very religious and speakest words like sanctification, lost and undone, and hallelujah in every conversation you havest

• We must suppress any fun that doesn’t include G-rated movies, the word fellowship, and/or a progressive supper

• You’re ashamed of the gospel if you don’t sport a Christian tee, fish emblem on your car, and/or a WWJD bracelet.

• If you’re a Christian, you must have life all figured out. Its not okay to admit weakness and allow God take you on a journey to redeem that area of your life.

What other fallacies do you think are revealed in this clip?