Jesus’ resurrection is the most historic event in all of human history. Every great small group leader wants be certain his/her group members realize how they have responded to this amazing moment in time.  But… If you’re like me you do not want to purchase an entire study for just one small group experience. Below you’ll find questions for a small group experience taken from the Serendipity Bible for Groups

This experience will allow your group members to consider their response to the resurrection of Jesus Christ.



 Ice-Breaker: Describe a time in your life when you mistook someone for the wrong person.

 Read John 20:10 – 18

 Bible Discussion: 1. Would you have responded more like Mary or like the disciples? Why?  2. Does Mary appear to be quietly grieving, or more hysterical? What finally breaks through her grief and confusion (v. 16)?  3. What term (v. 17) does Jesus use for his disciples here? What is new in their relationship from now on (see 15:15)?

 Going Deeper: 1. How has Jesus spoken your name in a time of grief? 2. What does it mean to you that Jesus is your brother?


 In case you haven’t heard of the Serendipity Bible for Groups… The Serendipity Bible for groups has a Bible study like the one above for every passage of Scripture in the Bible.