Remember this… Everyone needs what small group offers. As you think about where you will find the people who will be in your small group, think of the community and all the people in it, not just your church.

When starting a group any of the following ideas may help you in connecting with people who might be thinking about joining a small group. These ideas come from group leaders around the country.:

1. By Mail: Prepare a letter that gives the following information: a) that you are starting a small group, b) what the group’s goal will be, c) how long the group will meet, and d) why you’re starting the group. Mail the letter to the people you are inviting then follow up with those individuals via telephone three days after they receive the letter.

2. By Meeting: Having an open meeting at your church is another way to become aware of people who would like to be in a small group. Use the worship guide, posters, and announcements from the pulpit to make people aware that a new small group is looking for people who will make up the group and that there is going to be an open meeting for anyone interested in becoming part of the group.

3. By Personal Invitation: The most effective way to welcome people into your life is by personal invitation. If you choose to recruit the people in your group by a face-to-face conversation, be certain you make this invitation substantive. Make the people you invite aware that the group will be more than a weekly meeting, it will be a group of people deeply involved in one another’s lives.

4. By Presentation: Churches with the necessary resources are making people aware of small group opportunities by utilizing dramatic presentations and video spots in worship. Following these presentations there is an announcement that will most often announce the date of an meeting for those curious to join a group or telling attendees that there is someone at a kiosk in the church lobby that will answer any questions an individual might have about the group.

5. By Media Outlets: If the goal of your group/groups is to reach the community, running newspaper adds, radio spots, even television commercials announcing opportunities is effective. Make sure interested parties are made aware of a website they can go to for more information or a phone number that can be called to speak with someone to get more information. The website as well as the individual taking phone calls should be able to tell the caller when the first meeting will be, that that meeting will be a Q and A time with a sign up for the group taking place at the end of the meeting.