Team Evangelism is extraordinarily potent in a post-modern world. The post-modern thinker is unapologetically hesitant to believe the Bible is truth, is cynical when hearing a preacher’s monologue but welcomes dialogue, and longs for a few close relationships. In order for many post-modern’s to consider Christ they must first see Christ lifestyle lived out in an authentic Christian community.

            Thousands of pre-Christians have been ambushed by Christian community.
They were simply going about their daily routines when a group of genuine Christians welcomed them into their inner circle. Once they arrived they found out there was a whole new way of living that was captivating, exhilarating, and life giving.

            When pre-Christians see believers living life in honest Christian community fascination becomes curiosity, curiosity evolves into understanding, understanding leads to spiritual awareness. Spiritual awareness leads to Jesus. Jesus said, “A new command I give you: Love one another. As I have loved you, so you must love one another. By this all men will know that you are my disciples, if you love one another.” (John 13:34-35)

            Team Evangelism is simply this… Letting unbelievers do life with a small group of authentic Christians, Christians doing life together, really.

            You must first build a relationship with a pre-Christian.

Building a relationship with someone should be natural and getting someone to hang out with a group of your Christian friends is not that difficult if you’ve tilled the ground well. First off, find out what activities you and the people you want to get to know have in common. If you both golf, golf, shop, shop. If they’re movie buffs (this is a great start for many of us as we have a conversation piece for the after the movie discussion) get to a movie together.

Secondly, invite them to your home to do something relaxing that is low pressure. Welcoming someone to your home tells them you enjoy their company and would like to get to know them better. Play cards, watch a sporting event, etc…

Invite the pre-Christian to join you and your group in a non-aggressive activity. When you and your Christian friends are getting together for a non-intimidating activity, invite the unbelieving individual or couple. You may need to do this for quite some time. When you feel that there is a meaningful connection between most group members and the pre-Christians…

Invite them to your Small Group meeting. Some have asked, “What should we be careful about in our discussions when an unbeliever joins us in the group meeting?” Absolutely, nothing. In fact, being transparent with unbelievers in the room may be what takes them to the real Jesus. Joel Comiskey in his book, How to Lead a Great Cell Group Meeting So People Want to Come, says this. “Transparent sharing in the small group reveals to non-Christians that believers are indeed not perfect – just forgiven. One of Satan’s chief tactics is legalistic deception, trying to convince people that God requires unreachable standards and that only “good” people enter heaven. Small-group evangelism corrects that misconception. Open sharing gives unbelievers a new sense of hope as they realize Christians have weaknesses and struggles too.” He follows his statements with a word from Jay Firebaugh (Cell Church magazine, Summer 1999, 11). Jay gives us these words of wisdom, “So when an unbeliever shows up in your cell, do everything the same (except pray silently that the Holy Spirit will reveal to the visitor his or her need for Jesus). If you carry on your gathering as usual, with Jesus in the midst of the group, the nonbelievers will witness the reality of a true relationship with Christ.”

At the appropriate time, tell the curious onlooker how to cross the line into a relationship with Jesus. If the group is praying for God to reveal His love for them and they are seeing Him at work in the lives of the group members, in most instances,  there will come a time when it is right to tell someone how to become a follower of Jesus. Don’t miss this opportunity. Be prepared to tell them how you moved from knowing about Jesus to knowing Jesus then offer them the opportunity to do the same.