abtg12_mainpicRemembering some Korean missionaries I worked alongside for a time, I looked up some background on the G12 methodology that they employed in disciple-making. While I know there is some controversy regarding the implemention of this missional strategy, I also can’t help but be impressed with the emphasis that G12ers place upon evangelism and discipleship. Here are just a few of the practices they utilize that can be helpful as we consider our small groups:

• The corporate mission which is synonymous with the personal mission, is to win people to Christ, make them disciples and enable them to become fathers of multitudes.

• Everyone can be a leader and should be developed into one, in fulfillment of Christ’s calling to be a disciple-maker.

• Everyone is mentored so that, in turn, he can mentor others.

• Long term relationships are encouraged. Members are committed to each other and each other’s success for as long as possible.

Not a bad start huh? Let me know what you think about G12 and the similar practices you might be following as a small group leader. Here’s a link to some more info about the movement: : http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/G12_Vision. Again, this is not an overall endorsement but a recognition that these missionaries I knew were doing some good work by implementing some key principles of multiplication and reproducibility cross-culturally.