In my opinion, small groups are the most effective way to introduce people to Jesus. In this post-modern culture people are more apt to join a dialogue about spiritual matters than they are to get up early (It’s early to many people.) on their day off and drop by a church building to hear a monologue declared by someone they don’t know or trust. Great dialogues can be had in a small group. Not only that, pre-Christians are much more willing to allow their hearts to be penetrated by kind acts done for them and the people they know than they are by representatives of Christianity on television demanding our country return to Judeo-Christian values. Small groups allow a non-believer to make their needs and the needs of their friends known so the small group can react. But the most potent proclamation of all to many of our friends, co-workers, neighbors, and family members is authenticity and sincerity. The video that you find in this blog is Penn of Penn and Teller. He is a self-proclaimed atheist. But listen to his words as he speaks of his encounter with a fan after one of his gigs. It’s obvious, he was completely overwhelmed by this man’s sincerity and authenticity.

Many of us will be going to be with family members and friends who have not yet considered Jesus. Many of them may be like this very gifted performer. Be yourself. Look them in the eye and honor Christ by simply being authentic and sincere. You may be shocked at the amount of respect you gain for yourself and all Christians.